Popularity does not make you a good photographer.

Okay, I have really been trying to be good.  I’ve been trying to stay positive, I’ve been trying to not focus on the negative I see in the world but then I realized something…. Then I would not be me.  I am generally a very positive person and I am usually a very nice person.  But today I feel like coming off of my leash for a little while.

Once again mediocrity is on the rise.  Workshops are being given by “popular” photographers instead of actually really good photographers.  Okay, let me rephrase that, really good photographers are giving workshops, but the more popular ones who don’t know squat are selling more seats.  Popularity does not make you good!  I hate it when I see fashion blogs that I once really enjoyed now lowering their standards for someone who has a fan base because they show nudity all the damn time.  I get frustrated when I see people teaching things that they know almost nothing about, well I am assuming they know nothing based on their work.

So I may not be the greatest photographer, so what, I do what I do.  Since when do so many people strive to be ordinary?  Cool, I’ll start giving “Average” workshops.  Do you really want to be like everyone else?  Come on down I’ll teach you to shoot on auto and fix everything is post production, and while I’m at it I’ll start teaching you some other stuff that I don’t really know about either, we can all learn together, but you will have to pay me $1000 first.

I guess I just wish people could see through the bullshit.  But once again there seems to be a celebration of mediocrity in the industry.  I guess I should be happy.  With the lack of creativity going on and people teaching others how to do something they could learn from actually reading a basic tutorial in a photo magazine it should leave more work for me right?  Personally, I like a challenge, I don’t want to win because other people suck, I want to win because I earn it and work for it.  Maybe for some it is easier to stand out when you lower the bar, personally, I want to see more people raising the bar, including myself.  Looks like it is time for me to challenge myself and get creative again.  But I think I am up for that challenge. 😉