Average Etiquette ;)

Some people….

Some people are so easily swayed by compliments.  Tell them they did a great job once and suddenly they think they are the best ever.  But that is okay, enjoy your high horse and your little stint at the top while you still can.  All good things must come to an end.

Your biggest competition is you.  If you cannot do better every time you go out to do what you do then you are falling behind and you are your own worst enemy.  If you start believing in what others are saying about you, good or bad, then you are letting other people control your feelings and your work.  Don’t be a puppet!

Why the rant?  Simply because I am seeing someone I know fall into this whole little game of “look how great I am” when really, they are good, but they could be so much better!  Honestly, serious potential for greatness, but when an ego gets in the way, it’s kind of a sad day.

All I know is that yes, I have a huge ego, but I am never satisfied.  I can reflect back at my work and say that I really like what I did, but I always am craving to do better and do something even more original to my own work.  You can enjoy what you do while still striving to be better at it.

I am narcissistic, I am egotistical and I think I am pretty good at what I do.  But I will not flaunt my successes in other people’s faces, especially when the success is not that big of a deal.  It’s great to be excited and to share your accomplishments with your peers and your friends and your family.  Just don’t let it change who you are as a person.  There is such a thing as etiquette and something called manners.  These are the tools we use to show other people we respect them.  I may be crass at times but I certainly believe that to get respect you must show respect.  Unless of course the person in question is a total ass hat, then feel free to say whatever you like.

Here is a photo from someone who is nothing like the person I have described above.  Natalia is just cool, I really want to shoot with her again someday, and I don’t say that about everyone.