Sometimes when you have an idea it is a though of inspiration that will grow with time into something more than what you had originally hoped for.  Other ideas are more random and are brief little glimpses into your own imagination.  Then there are times when you have an idea at the exact right moment and you must put the idea into motion immediately.  That is what happened when Mac came by the studio the other day.

Here is the correlation of events to make this fashion editorial happen:

Mac texts me and says she is in town and wants to hang out.

I’m just editing photos and so I say swing on by.

When she gets here I am playing with my 4×5 press camera from the 1930’s.

In less than 8 minutes we shoot some expired Polaroid film on a spur of the moment idea I had and she picks out some wardrobe.

She goes to a movie with my wife.

During that movie I submit the photos to Foam Magazine.

The next day the photos are published on their site.

See Photos Here

The whole point is this.  If you have an idea, don’t just throw it away.  Have the courage to run with it, if it fails it fails, but at least you tried.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.