Without Doubt

I love working with people who are just up for collaborating and seeing where a shoot might take us.  I have so many ideas floating through my thoughts on a daily basis that I don’t always get to shoot them all, and then I get inspired by something completely random and all of a sudden even more ideas!  But when someone comes along and wants to hear those ideas and is up for the ideas and then adds their own personal element to it, these are the moments when magic happens.

When something that is kind of out of my norm begins to inspire it really means that I have a chance to grow as a photographer.  Inspiration is something not to take lightly, which is where I feel the term “muse” is thrown around way too much these days.  To find a real muse is something that most photographers and artists actually never find, so to claim to have had many, this just means you have found some cool people to work with who are down for what you are interested in and like to collaborate.  I get that a lot, which I am not knocking!  It is amazing!  These are the people I think who have muse potential, and maybe I just have not found the right one for me yet.  Of course, maybe my search is my muse….. okay, rambling yet again…..

Basically, just don’t take inspiration for granted.  If someone or something inspires you, remember it, don’t over analyze it and don’t force it.  Let it happen and be there to enjoy it without question and without doubt.