Should it stay or should it go?

So I have been shooting in my old Mercedes for over a year now and I must say that I am just not tired of photographing models in it!  I have thought about selling it now that I have a newer car but part of me just does not want to see it go.  Okay, a lot of me does not want to see it go but I have so many projects at this time that I am considering selling it.  So the question is, should it stay or should it go?

The pro’s, it’s awesome to shoot in, it gets great mileage, it can run on veggie oil and it is just kind of cool.  The con’s, it’s old, it’s slow, the registration is due, and I have another car that needs some attention.  I don’t need the money I would get from it, the insurance is cheap and I actually love driving it.

Okay, I’m just rambling to make my point, I’ll probably end up keeping the car.  It’s part of the family now and every time I do a shoot in it I get a different reaction from the model.  Some are a little funny, some sexy, some serious and everything in between.  One of these days I will probably have to make a book out of everyone who has been photographed in this car.  I can’t even count how many models have been in this car, which is actually pretty cool when I think about it.

I had a post on here quite awhile ago about old cars and younger women and I must there, I think there is something to this whole concept.  I will definitely have to expand a little more with this before I get rid of the car, if anything it’s just a reason to keep it around a little longer. 😉