People always like to think of themselves as individuals.  Even if they are complete and total followers, they like to think that their ideas are still their own.  I have found that with people like this you just have to let them be.  It’s no use trying to convince someone they are not original, even if it is blatantly obvious to you and everyone around them.  Just let them do their thing, it really doesn’t matter if it’s original or not.

It is a feeling of individuality that is currently being sold to people while also having a sense of belonging to something.  “If you join our group you can feel free to be yourself!”  Yeah, just as long as you believe the same as we do and as long as you continue to buy our products etc…..

If you really want to be an individual then be one.  It doesn’t matter what others do, it doesn’t matter what others think of you.  All that matters is what you think of yourself, and no amount of products or money can buy you who you are.  I have never been one to conform, I tend to revolt against conformity.  I know I’m not the most original person out there, I have my moments, but overall I’m just me and I am influenced by what I see just like everyone else.  The difference is I don’t care what others think of my work.  If you like it cool, I’m happy, if you don’t then feel free to move on to what you do like.

There is no status quo in photography.  Things are meant to change, things will change and what is currently cool now will become something that we laugh at in the future.  Don’t fall for the crap, don’t listen to the snake oil salesmen of our day, use your brain.  Even if you’re not that smart, you are smart enough to trust your gut and know when someone is trying to take advantage of you.

There is no quick route to a successful business, if there was then everyone would do it and then you would have to change your methods because then everyone would know every trick.  You cannot become an individual by following the same method that someone who has mediocre success has written in a book.

Basically, don’t believe the hype of those who are truly not who they claim to be.