The Average Universe ;)

I probably live in my own little world most of the time.  I often forget how certain parts of my business, whether it is fashion photography or any type of photography, and my regular life are so far from what other people may be involved in with their daily lives.  For one, I am honestly desensitized to nudity and I don’t really think twice about it.  To others this is still a major taboo or they get all giddy if they see a boob or two.  Also, language, profanity is just part of the job requirement sometimes, off-color humor is up there as well.

When I go into public I have to remind myself that others might be offended by my topic of conversation, but then I realize I don’t know these people so it doesn’t really matter.  Since for the most part people tend to think that their topics of conversation are not offensive to me.

I find it funny that the same people who would probably be offended by some of my work, by what often comes out of my mouth and by the way I speak of certain beliefs are quite often the same people who want to take a sneak peek at my work and want to look at pictures of pretty girls who may or may not be nude.  I may be in my own little world but at least I don’t have to be hypocritical while living in it.  I said I don’t have to be a hypocrite, doesn’t mean I’m not sometimes, I am by no means a perfect person….. pretty darn close, but I am straying from the topic now……

I like my world, I like the people who are part of it and those who join me on my little adventures and tangents.  It’s my own little bubble away from all of the madness that is out there.  Most people might not get it, they are consumed with their own world so much that they cannot grasp what it is to step outside of the box.  Or maybe they’re afraid of what others will think?  I am not a better person for being in my own world, possibly happier, which definitely counts for something.

So here is to those who choose to follow the path which leads to their own individuality.  Creating your own little world does not mean cutting yourself off from the rest of society, it just means you get to invite those who you wish to be a part of it in.  You get to include yourself where you want to be included.  You do not have to live by standards set by people you do not agree with.  You get to be you.  Oh, and if you’re reading this, thanks for being a part of my little world. 😉