Be True To You.

It can be something you are born with, but it cannot be something that is taught to you.  Either you have it or you don’t.  You can work hard to get it, you can have someone help you with it, but if you never had it, you probably never will.  But once you discover it, it is yours and others will then do their best to copy you.  It’s called style.

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, what is The Average Jim’s point today?  Well I’ll tell you.  This goes out to a photo student who posts endlessly on facebook about his work.  First, I could not care less about what camera you used or what the settings were, except for I could critique on your settings and told you how to get a better feel to the image, but that is not my point, okay well it’s kind of my secondary point.  Just because you pay to photograph a pretty girl on a backdrop in a studio in a style that was completely taught to you by your professor does not officially make you a working photographer!

What is with so many people out there who are so full of crap?  Are these the people who are attending the workshops that I bitch about endlessly?  I know, I know, “fake it ’til you make it” but sometimes it is such a huge load of crap that I just can’t believe that anyone believes them.  Now first off, I’m not bitter, I get to photograph much cooler people than this kid got to shoot so no worries there.  And honestly, I wish him nothing but success and I really hope he gets a grasp of reality and starts shooting like himself instead of his professors.

It just seems to me that so many people out there are just trying to look successful instead of actually doing something about becoming successful.  I guess it’s just easier to talk about than to put plans into motion.  Not for me, I would much rather be doing what I love rather than spending my days wishing for it.  But this brings me back to my point, it’s about style.  I am not just talking about the way I shoot, it is about every part of me.  My style is to be this way.  My style is to shoot the way I do.  When I ran into a photographer friend I had not seen in awhile, he pointed out my new car in the parking lot because he knew it was my style.  I am me to the core.

Style is about being true to yourself.  And when you are, it shows in every aspect of your life.  Be bold, be who you are and do not settle for less!