Working With Women

Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone off on people who know nothing about photography yet claim to be amazing at it.  I am not really here to rant today as much as I am to just point out to some people that it does take more than a cool camera and a wallet full of cash to pay pretty girls to come pose nude for you to be a photographer.  Why does this bother me?  Well, I get emails and sometimes even text messages sent to me asking me how I do what I do.  Now some advice I give for free, I consider it to be basic knowledge so therefore I share it openly and willingly.  For other info I do charge a fee for my mentoring services, it seems fair, I have spent the better part of the last 20 years developing my craft, I’m not going to give the secrets away for free!

One of the questions I have been asked more than once is “how do you get women to pose nude?”  Seriously, this has been asked a lot!  First, I don’t care.  It shows when these women talk to me, email me and shoot with me.  If they want nudes they get them, if they don’t then we don’t shoot them.  Getting someone to do something they do not wish to do is wrong, stop trying to get someone naked and just be up front and honest about your intentions with your work.

Next, actually have a clue as to what you want to shoot.  Make a shot list if you have to, but go in having a general idea of what you want.  Yes, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants when I shoot, but I have developed a style over the years and I am allowed to break the rules now that I already know what they are.

Now that you have an idea of what to shoot, figure out how you’re going to do it.  Everyone knows I hate talking technical but you must have an understanding of light and exposure to actually take good photos, Photoshop will not fix all of your mistakes!  So if want to take photos of beautiful naked women, start with clothed subjects first until you at least understand what you want to shoot and how to actually do it.

Finally, don’t touch the models!  You are not Terry Richardson and you cannot afford an attorney who can bail you out of jail and get you off the hook for acting inappropriately.  If you want to touch a pretty naked woman, go to Vegas, the new rules in strip clubs are very loose, lots of contact allowed there, not in your studio or home studio or even on location.

It seems that this would all be common sense but apparently it is not.  If you want to work with good models here is what I suggest.  Develop your craft, create a style and just be cool with people.  Here is a perfect example of what I mean……

The photo for today’s post is of Jana.  This photo is untouched.  Straight from the camera, except for my name and border, I shot it….. wait for it…… jpeg!  I rarely shoot RAW, but that is a discussion for another time, and if you try to comment about blown out highlights just save yourself the trouble and put your own foot in your own ass.  Jana lives about 6 hours north of me, she was out visiting family and contacted me for a shoot.  I simply told her that I had some wardrobe, it was sheer and some was see through but it looks great with a glowing afternoon light.  We talked about other stuff, but always kept it professional, this is what I like to call establishing trust, she knew my intentions for the shoot from day 1.  Why am I showing an untouched image?  Simple, these are they types of proofs I deliver to the people I shoot with.  If you can deliver a quality proof you can deliver a quality finished product.

So you want to work with women?  Get good at what you do because there are thousands of photographers out there who wish to do the same thing.  If you’re a creeper or just in it with the hopes of hooking up with a model, well, good luck to you, but it will show in your work and you would probably have better luck in a bar or strip club.  So my direct point is this…. stop emailing me about how to get women naked, I’m not a pimp and honestly, if I knew a secret trick, I probably wouldn’t tell you anyway! 😉