Stepping Back

Okay, so here it is, April Fool’s Day.  I’m sure some people may have thought that I may have wanted to pull a prank on this site like saying that I am quitting photography and joining the priesthood.  Well, sorry, as much as I love pranks and making fools of others, I look at today as a day of rest for those of us who do this on a regular basis.  Kind of like on the TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, all of the vampires and demons took Halloween off, I take April Fool’s Day off.  I’m not sure what that says about me, but then who really cares?

I may have made a few comments last week regarding my trip to Seattle, just a few about models who flake, cancel the day after they didn’t show, purposely not responding to messages yet respond under the same email to another one I have etc…… But I will not go there today.  Instead, I will focus on the one positive experience I had while in the great Pacific North West.  On my last day in Seattle I finally had someone who actually showed up!  It was a very quick shoot as it was in the late afternoon but I do believe we got some pretty cool images.  I took a few days away from looking at the images from this shoot as I was seriously annoyed at all of those who bailed on shooting with me even after confirming.  So after stepping back for a moment I became suddenly happy when looking through the images.  It was a slightly different shoot than what I had anticipated but I ended up being really happy with the results.

Sometimes when you step away from a project, you end up looking at it entirely differently.  It is amazing what can happen with a fresh perspective and taking a little bit of time before really looking at the images.  I find that every now and then, even with shoots I feel were amazing right from the get go, if you step back and have a little patience you may end up being even more satisfied than you could have possibly imagined.

So with all of the disappointment I had in Seattle, I must say that I am very happy to have ended on a high note with Alessandra.  I’m sure I will be posting more images here of my shoot with her very shortly!  Happy April Fool’s Day, now go out and dump flour on some pour unsuspecting soul. 😉