Life & Style

I cannot believe that it is already the last day of March!  This year is flying by already and I feel like I am just getting started.  Of course then I look back at all I have already done this year and realized that, although January was slow I have turned into quite the busy little beaver.

Today is no different, I’m shooting a wedding with a photographer friend of mine.  I will only shoot a handful of weddings each year, I honestly do not have the time to dedicate myself to 25+ wedding clients.  I do shoot with and for others on occasion simply because I do consider weddings to be lifestyle photography.  It is about a mood and the happiness of the day, plus I totally get to shoot my style!  I just have a feeling that today is going to be a good day.  This is the other reason I like shooting weddings, it just puts me in a good mood, in fact, I think I might try something new today.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Well time to charge the last of the batteries, finish putting the bag together and get ready for a long and hopefully fun day!  Oh, and here is one more from my shoot with Hope!