I am really starting to believe in when you put something out there you get results.  I have been really vocal about the type of work I am seeking for my photography and for my music, well not just work, but the direction I really want it to go and it is happening.  I do think part of this is staying positive and actually having a set goal, this doesn’t mean sticking to that one and only goal, but it does mean following through.  Just like everybody else, I do get frustrated, I get to the point of wanting to walk away from everything and this comes from dealing mostly with others who have negative energy regarding what I wish to do.

I am seriously lucky to have a wife who not only supports what I do, but she pushes me to do better at it!  Lately I have also been surrounding myself with people in this industry who just seem to work hard and bring very little drama to my life.  It is a great feeling working with people who are as passionate about what they do as I am about what I do.  I am really hoping that the rest of this year keeps going this way, and I’m sure it will as long as I do not try to book anymore shoots in Seattle….. okay, that was a little negative, I will take paid work in Seattle. 😉

Here is one more from the Nick and Mo lookbook shoot.