LA, like totally.

I have come to the realization that I am completely LA.  After traveling through Portland and Seattle, people may call me a dirty hippie but dammit, I am not!  I am a little shallow, I am a little narcissistic and I definitely have an ego.  When I travel to other parts of the country I get really annoyed at people in certain communities, okay, not the regular people, but the people who think they are in the industry I am in.  Here is why I am annoyed.  Very few of them are actually in the industry.  Anyone can get a Model Mayhem account, this does not mean you are a fashion photographer or professional model.  How you conduct yourself and the work you create is what decides who you are.

People outside of LA and New York and Miami may not have such a cut throat attitude, they may be more forgiving about showing up late, or not showing up at all, but in the major markets this sh*t doesn’t fly.  It can work for you in your smaller market because you just might be the big fish in your little pond.  Go to a major market and you will get eaten by the bigger fish!  Know how I know that?  I am a bigger fish than a lot of these people I am referring to and I am nowhere near a big fish in LA!  I have my connections and I get to do some pretty cool things, but there are people way bigger than me there.  I’m working on increasing my girth, it just takes a little time.

Some people may not like my attitude, I have just decided I don’t really care.  I am still very nice to people, I will even treat you nicely when you do something really stupid to the point where I will not work with you anymore, but I will cut you off.  Cutting someone off and burning a bridge are two majorly different things.  When you end it nicely, people do not think that you think that they are generally a waste of time and effort.  But if you leave it nicely, then if for some reason they get their act together you still have a salvageable relationship.

Now there are those who are so self entitled in LA, and elsewhere, who just think the world owes them something because of their “talent” and I am using this word very loosely.  Just because you’re cute and you get mediocre photographers to pay you, does not make you a high end model, especially when you’re 5’2″…. yes this one is directed at someone specific.  Being 5’2″ and cool and working your ass off, that will get you respect and probably a paycheck from someone.

But I’m losing my point…. I am LA, as much as I like to brag about my sleepy little surf town, I have that LA attitude.  It’s in my personality, it’s in the way I dress and it’s in the way I conduct my business.  Treat me cool and we are good, treat me bad and I will let you know about it.  Tom Hanks said “there’s no crying in baseball” in A League of Their Own, and I just like to say, there’s no crying in LA, and if you cry, just stay in your small pond, because you will get eaten here.  In other words, if you are planning on moving into a major market, bring your A game because nothing else will do.

Speaking of people with A game mentality…. another of Jessica. 😉