0 for 6

And the streak continues…. today’s model called me and let me know that she overslept and could not be here on time for our shoot.  At least she was honest and took full blame for what happened, but still, this kind of sucks up here in Seattle.  I seriously cannot wait to get back to Southern California.  At least I will be home, I have already found a great replacement for the editorial shoot I wanted to do up here and it’s someone I have worked with multiple times so I know she will show up!  I also have several other sessions already lining up for April, everything from editorial to creative and several other fun shoots.  So instead of focusing on what could really just drive me crazy I am instead going to just enjoy my last day in Seattle, well last full day, we leave tomorrow.  I have one more possible shoot this afternoon, lets see if I can break the streak and leave here on a high note!

So this is what I will do. No matter what else happens, I’ll remember the good, I got to relax, had dinner with an old friend last night and tonight I will spend a nice romantic night with my wife, this is how I will remember this trip.  Quality time with quality people.  I’ll be happy.

Speaking of happy, here is another fun one of Roarie and Lola from our shoot back in January!  I really hope I get to work with both of them again, seriously way too much fun!