Team Effort

Every now and then you get a request for something a little out of you norm.  This was the case last Monday.  Well, it all started before that, but long story short, I had two women who wanted to pose together in a seductive way.  This could have ended up very badly!  These are the types of shoots where you really have to look at what the two subjects want and figure out how it fits your style.

We all agreed that there needed to be some tension in the images, but they still needed to have a sexy vibe.  The one thing I wanted to make sure of is that this didn’t end up looking like bad smut!  Now just for the record, good smut is completely okay in my book!  So we got some different shots, different angles, overall it was a pretty good shoot.  Definitely not my normal day but it is something I would like to try again.  There is a different vibe when shooting two women like this, and I’m not one of those guys who gets all turned on by two girls, seriously, and yes I have photographed two men kissing before as well!

Part of being a photographer is having an open mind, at least this is how I think of it.  So maybe I’ll do a shoot like this again,  maybe I won’t, the whole point is, don’t knock it ’til you try it! 😉