Putting It Out There

Talk about great timing!  I put it out there yesterday how I knew this was going to be my year and BAM!  It most certainly is!  I took my time getting to my email this morning and what do you know, one of my favorite people contacted me to shoot again!  It has been over two years since I last shot with Olivia and what do you know, there she was in my email this morning wanting to shoot again!

Life has been good for her too, between movies, TV shows, writing and all of the many cool things she does so I cannot wait for her to come back and shoot with me again!  Not just because she is awesome to photograph but to just catch up and hear about all the good in her life.

So basically today’s post is just about how putting yourself out there and never quitting can really make things happen.  I like to say I have never failed at anything I have ever tried, simply because I never quit.  You cannot fail if you don’t stop trying.  Well, time for another shoot, happy Sunday!

Here is one from my 2nd shoot with Olivia, I just dig this one. 😉