Here Comes The Rain

This is going to be my year, I have just decided that.  I’m officially putting it out in the universe that this is going to be a great year, full of new adventures and some seriously great shoots!  Aside from my occasional rants I do tend to be a very positive and optimistic person, just because I call people on their crap does not make me negative, I think it makes me a realist!  But all crap aside, I think it is amazing how having a good attitude and if treat the people you work with well, it can really have a positive affect on your business.

I’m traveling up to Portland and then to Seattle next week, I’ll be shooting a couple of editorials if everything goes right.  I am really looking forward to the creative process in a new environment, this is like brain candy to me.  My mind is on a sugar high from all of the ideas brewing in my head!  Maybe I do need to travel more and become more of a gypsy?  I love the idea of random shoots in new places with people I may have only spoken with once or twice in email.  There is a certain rush to all of it, I just like the way it feels.

So now I am continuing my positive attitude and taking it to the northwest with me!  I will also be taking an umbrella with me and luckily my camera body and lens are weather sealed because it is going to be wet and rainy up there!  But I’ve got a 4 wheel drive SUV (I don’t believe in buying a Prius) with lots of room for all of my gear and I will dig my only jacket out of the closet.  It should be a fun trip, now lets see what type of hyjinx I can get into while on the road. 😉

Here is one from my shoot last week in Malibu, this is still one of my favorite locations!