Game On.

So I’m back to pretty much submitting almost everything I shoot to either online magazines, print magazines and sending my work to anyone who will accept it.  It seems that to make it in today’s photography world you have to not only do decent work but really have to over saturate the market with you work.  I kind of resisted this for a while, well aside from this site, but then I started seeing all these photographers, or as I call them “hacks” or “faux-tographers” who go on every social networking site and talk about how much work they have and how they just can’t keep up with all of the emails because there are so many people who want to work with them.

Here is my message to the few people I have seen who do this.  First, look at your portfolio.  You have second-rate models, basic photo 101 lighting from your classes at whatever school you are currently attending and lack total creativity.  Taking photos of yourself holding a camera, a very expensive camera that you either rented or bought with your student loans does not make you a high-end fashion photographer.  Just because you shoot with film does not make you a good photographer.  Now I will also say that just because you have been shooting for 20 years does not make you a good photographer either, so I am not just picking on the newbies.  I’m actually making fun of the people who just act like they are someone they are not.  It’s the whole “fake it ’til you make” it thing that drives me nuts.  But I’m pretty sure that these people will keep on doing what they are doing, after all, all of their friends on facebook keep telling them how great they are.

Anyway, I guess I’ll start playing the game a little more.  So I am now setting up shoots with some people who I have really wanted to photograph for a while now and shooting concepts that have been in my head for what seems like forever!  If it’s a game then as John Fogerty said, “put me in coach, I’m ready to play.”  If you can’t tell by any of the posts I have put on this site I am an extremely competitive person, I like to win and I do not believe in the philosophy of everyone deserves a trophy.  When you lose you realize that there is someone out there who is better than you are which either makes you want to quit or forces you to get better.  Competition is good for you, well, unless you are the type to pout when you lose.

I guess we will see what happens from here on out, so here I am, let’s see if I can step it up a notch or two. 😉

Here is one from another submission that I just did.

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