Blank and Centered ;)

Some days I will wake up and just draw a complete blank, it is rare but it does happen.  These are the days when I feel like something big is about to happen, there will be some spark that just gets everything going again.  This is when I feel like I come up with my best ideas and just talking about it seems to make it start to happen.  I have a pretty cool shoot coming up in a couple of weeks that I am excited about, and for this one I really want to try something a little different.  It will still be my style of course because that is why this person contacted me, but I want to find a new location, I love the vacant lot and I know I’ll shoot at my favorite beach but I feel like I need a new secret spot.

I love this feeling of anticipation, the excitement of something new being right around the corner.  Even though I know I have my own certain style and no matter where I shoot I’ll get what looks like my work I love not knowing exactly what I will find.  I definitely do not have a fear of the unknown, it’s more of a craving for the unknown!  In a way it is inspiration in a very raw form, at least for me it is.  It is the birth of new ideas and they type of feeling that really feeds my need to create.  It is like being perfectly centered and ready for whatever comes my way.

It’s days like these that I really love everything about what I do!

Here is another one from my editorial shoot with Jessica. 🙂