Way of The Average Jim ;)

I’ve never been one to follow the rest of the crowd.  Even as a kid I tended to have my own views on life and my own way of doing things.  Not much has really changed.  I met up with a friend a little over a year ago who I had not seen in nearly 20 years, he took one look at me and said I have not changed a bit, I still dress the same, act the same and still have my total disregard for authority.

I never really understood the whole following orders thing.  This is one reason I knew I could not be in the military at all when I was graduating high school.  I had actually thought about it mostly because it seemed like it would be kind of cool to travel the world, but then after talking to the recruiter and watching him follow orders that I thought were just incredibly stupid I changed my mind.  All of this took about a week for me to realize.  I do understand that someone has to be in charge most of the time, otherwise it can become total chaos (which isn’t always bad) but it helps things get done.  But sometimes common sense has to kick in, following orders blindly is no way to live your life, at least not in my opinion.

This mentality I have pretty much covers everything, especially religion.  Now before you get all offended I believe that everyone can believe what ever they want so long as they are not hurting anyone else.  Personally, I don’t have any belief in any organized religion, from my perspective it is pretty much nonsense.  I never went to any church as a kid and my family did not practice any religion at all.  You definitely have a different way of viewing religion when you don’t grow up with it.  As an adult I find it very oppressive and filled with a bunch of rules that are just meant to keep people in line.  Hey but if that’s how you want to live your life go right ahead.

To me, life is just too short to play it by other people’s rules and regulations.  Life is meant to be experienced, not to be repressed and told what to and what not to do.  Following an order is just letting someone else lead your life for you, where is the fun in that?  Well, unless you’re the one giving the orders, but even then, it just seems that would get old.  I love waking up every day and not really knowing what is in store for me, I could be shooting like I am today or I could be traveling out-of-state like I am next week.  Either way I will take a page out of Frank Sinatra’s book,  I’m doing it my way. 😉

Here is a sneak peek from the editorial shoot I did with Halle last week!