Balancing Act ;)

It’s kind of funny when you start rethinking all the different ways of doing the things that you do.  Like how I’m now trying to balance music and photography while still running a photography business and shooting personal work, editorials that don’t always pay.  It is definitely a balancing act!  So I had thought I might have to cut back on the photography, which I honestly will probably have to do, but that really only means cutting back on the stuff I really don’t want to do anyway!  It’s like having a great excuse to not do what you don’t want to do!

Basically it is just prioritizing what is most important.  I choose to focus on art and editorial while still shooting weddings and some other commercial gigs.  This frees up my time to play music and indulge my other creative side.  But now I just got another offer for another gallery show, I’m not quite sure of all of the details yet but hey, at least it’s another offer….. this is one thing I love about this business, you never know where it’s going to take you from one day to the next!

Here is a shot from my most recent editorial submission, this is technically an outtake, but I still like it!

You can see the article and more photos here Foam Magazine Community