That’s What I Want.

Once again I am feeling a change in direction happening.  I was on facebook earlier today and noticed a new fan page that was for DIY wedding couples to find “Shoot & Burn” photographers.  With digital technology so readily available to really anyone who has the money to buy it I can see where many wedding couples are looking to save a few bucks to attempt to design their own album.  I can also see why they just want the disc and nothing else.  So many of these people do not ever print a single image, they just upload them to their favorite social networking site and that is their wedding album.

Our computers have become our source of entertainment, our communication with family and friends.  So many people do not even have a phone in their house anymore.  It used to be rude to call someone at midnight unless it was an emergency.  Now random strangers who happen to get my cell number will text me at all hours, just happened again last night.  I know I have something for sale on Craigslist, but call me at a regular time!  Not 11:51 PM on a Sunday night.

Things will always be changing, we may like some of these changes and we may hate other changes.  It is simply the nature of our existence.  I am not sure what my change is going to be yet, but I have to keep moving forward otherwise I’ll just get stuck in a rut and get frustrated.  The industry is going to change, whether we like it or not it is happening.  I will voice my opinion that I think some things are completely stupid but so is fighting against something that you really have no power to control.  It is a wasted effort, the best thing to do is to find out how it will directly affect you and base your decision of your own actions based upon this deduction.

I personally have nothing against a shoot and burn photo studio, honestly, they cater to people who are not my clients anyway.  Some call it the “race to the bottom” well, to those who say that, you are now bystanders in the race, maybe while you feel everyone is racing to the bottom, you should be setting your goals to race to the top of where you want to be.  Don’t worry about what others do, focus on what it is you can do for yourself.  Make the changes in this industry work for you, not against you.

Myself, I think I am finally to a point to where I can just do what I want to do, so that is exactly what it is that I am going to do. 😉