Art and Passion

I have a feeling that March is going to be a crazy month!  I’m traveling up to Portland and then Seattle, driving back only to be booked when I get here.  I love being a photographer, but I really don’t like working!  I’m sure that is not new to anyone reading this blog for more than a couple of months.  Part of me wants to go back to the days of just hanging out and playing music.  It seems that for the past 20 years the only things I have really done consistently is play music and be a photographer.

I know I can do both, but sometimes, most times really, you have to put one above the other.  This is the hard part of being passionate about more than one thing.  You spend a lot of time and energy pursuing your passions, most of the time it is worth it, other times, you just want to give up.  I really think that this is what being an artist is all about.  It’s not about what you create or how you create it.  It is about expressing yourself how you want the world to see it or hear it.  There is not any art form that is better than any other, at least in my opinion.  It is all about expression, it is about the message you wish to share.

Just a few little thoughts I’m having at the moment….. one day I’ll figure it all out. 😉