May I See Your ID?

Well it finally happened.  I had my editorial shoot yesterday, it was a shoot I hope to submit to one of my favorite magazines.  Just beach/lifestyle/fashion, you know, pretty much my favorite style.  So I’m over shooting in my favorite vacant lot when the police show up.  I’m not trespassing, I’ve actually called the realty company who manages the property and they don’t have an issue with me shooting there so maybe they’re just checking to see what I’m doing there is my best guess.

Apparently someone in one of the office buildings 500+ feet away doesn’t like me shooting there.  They called in a report of “a photographer is shooting nudes of underage girls” just to get the police to show up, this is exactly what the officer told me.  His reaction when he showed up to the shoot was “well, that’s obviously NOT what’s going on here.”  I’m actually submitting these photos so I can’t show you what she was wearing, but the model was fully clothed.  There were two officers, the one talking to me was professional and treated me fine, the second one was talking to the model, and honestly he was kind of a dick.  He was actually kind of bullying her, trying to get her to say something wrong.  She didn’t but he insisted that we had to go back to my studio to look at her ID, even though it is not required by law for her to have it on her.

So even though the officer talking to me said that he couldn’t tell me to not shoot there he did ask that I do take into consideration that it does take up their time when they are called to check on me.  But here was my question to them, what about the person who called in the false report?  It was quite obvious that I was not shooting nudes and especially not of under aged girls.  So would they have even come out to “check on me” if someone called in saying that there is a photographer on private property taking pictures of someone?  No they would not have.

I guess I got what I asked for.  I have mentioned before here on this blog that I would love to stir up people like in the movie “Sirens”.  Apparently my work is too disturbing for some, oh no, he must be a creep or a predator of young girls if he is photographing them, there must be some other reason behind just taking pretty pictures.  And yes there is, it’s called making money and trying to get my work published so I can make even more money.   The nice officer did ask me my age and then asked me her age and gave me a semi-dirty look, then I explained to him that models just happen to come between the ages of 16-24 for the most part.  Not to mention I should not have to justify being in public with a fully clothed adult woman…. oh well, I could go on and on about the absurdity of it all but I won’t.

Luckily it didn’t disrupt my shoot too bad, I was about wrapped up shooting there anyway so we went off to the beach and got some amazing images!  Oh, and for anyone out there who thinks I may have been in the wrong for shooting where I was, here is a little insight….. my wife is a former probation officer for the county we live in and she also has a law background.  I follow the rules so that way if and when things like this happen my ass is covered.  I just can’t wait for the call next week when I’m shooting there again.  Maybe they’ll call in a false report of me sacrificing a virgin? 😉

Well, here is a shot that had no issues….. and no wardrobe, but it was shot in studio and the model was a consenting adult.