A Photographer’s Mess….er.. ah… Life? ;)

I should probably post a photo of my desk right now.  It consists of the computer, hard drive and keyboard like any other desk but then it definitely turns into a photographer’s mess.  This is a small desk by the way, here are the rest of the contents.  AA battery charger, light meter (which has been used once in the past year) old mail, old Polaroid test, Advil, magic 8 ball computer version, card reader, 4 markers, I think only one works.  A camera body on the desktop, one in the drawer, expired film, film that needs to be sent to the lab, A-Clamp, assorted breakfast bar wrappers, Gatorade and water bottles…. oh and currently my cat Louie.

We photographers are funny creatures.  We are great at making a mess and not really caring about cleaning it up.  The studio is a total mess right now and I have a shoot in 30 minutes.  So instead of cleaning it up I’m sitting here writing this blog and going through images from last March!  And to be quite honest, I would much rather be doing this than cleaning the studio!

But I probably should put the cat away, clean the cat litter, nobody wants to smell that, and get ready for a great shoot today!  It just happens to be another gorgeous day here in California so I think I am just going to have to make another trip to the beach! 🙂

Happy Friday!