It’s Casual

One thing I love to show in the images I shoot is the personality and the character of how I see the person in front of my lens.  This is one reason I talk a lot during my sessions, I am notorious for shooting less time than I talk.  But part of the reason I do this is simply because I want my subject to open up, relax and be themselves.  Even if I am shooting headshots for an actor or portfolio shots for a model I want them to convey to the world the great person that they are.

There is a good quality in everyone and I feel like it is my job to bring it out.  I think this is why portfolio photography is really my favorite type of work.  It is a mixture of editorial and portraits which are my other favorite styles.  But instead of selling the clothes or a mood, I’m selling who the person is.  As much as I have said in the past that I don’t like people, I actually do like people, especially when they’re not being idiots.

So I guess what I am saying is that I like to keep it all casual and I definitely keep an open line of communication with the people I photograph.  I like to know what they are thinking and I never get offended if they are uncomfortable with a pose, lack of wardrobe or whatever it may be, they are entitled to these feelings, it is my job to make sure they are kept comfortable and represented in the best possible way.  Even thought I am full of myself and very narcissistic, and I do believe my photographic work is a representation of myself, I also understand that I cannot do it alone.  I like photographing people, and without people I just would not have the content that I have.

This is why I like to connect with people on different levels, I like to get to know them and actually take an interest in who they are.  It’s just one of my methods to being a photographer, I like to think that this is why some people keep coming back for multiple sessions, it’s got to be that…… or that I just kick ass as a photographer. 😉