I have been really enjoying digging through my older work recently.  I feel like I am finding images that I have all but forgotten about.  I remember the session but I definitely do not remember every single image.  I think this is the best thing about digital photography and digital technology, you can have access to all of your images almost immediately.  No more digging through the file cabinets, finding a replacement bulb for the light box, dropping a slide between the desk and the wall and then spending hours trying to find it only to find it was a crap image.

So if anything I am very grateful that I do not have to go through that all of the time, even though I still put myself through that on occasion.

Today’s image was taken almost 4 years ago, wow, it does not seem like that long ago!  This is one that slipped through the cracks for a while, it’s fun to show images that you’ve never shown to anyone before, it definitely makes me appreciate what I get to do for fun and for a living!