I Love Friday!

Part of the coolest thing about my job is that I have no set schedule.  I get to wake up when I want, well usually, since I don’t usually schedule shoots until the afternoon.  Even when I’m booked every day it really isn’t like work, unless it’s editing, oh how I don’t like to edit all day.  But no matter what, Friday is still Friday and better yet, Friday night is still Friday night.  It still signifies the end of the week, it’s a reason so show up on Saturday a little ragged from the night before.  It’s an excuse to be late, it’s an excuse to leave early, it’s Friday.  And no I will not be singing that damn Rebecca Black song!  She almost ruined this day for me!

But the day is not ruined for me, it would take a lot to ruin it for me.  I was actually born on a Friday at 2:00 pm, I like to say I was born ready for the weekend!  This actually explains so much about my view on life.

Happy Friday 🙂

Here is a shot with Jess Robinson, it’s an outtake from an editorial we shot over a year ago.