It’s Almost Official

I have always had the struggle of being a working photographer and being an artist.  For the past year or more I have been very animate about shooting what I want to shoot and to not have someone else dictate to me what I will shoot.  So far it has worked but it can get a little frustrating.  Then again, just being self-employed can be a little frustrating!

I know I had made a comment about the movie Sirens a week or so ago and how I would love to have my little piece of property and just create art.  This still completely intrigues me, but unfortunately I still do need to make a living and make enough money to keep creating art!  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem in selling artwork, the problem is that people who buy the artwork are kind of hard to find.  So I am concentrating my efforts for the next few months on selling artwork, creating new artwork and just focusing more and more on what I want to shoot.  We will see how it goes, and if anything at least I will have a lot more content to share here on this site!