Rocco’s Friends

I have been doing a lot of research lately on charities for abused and neglected animals and it seems like there are so many out there who need help that it is really hard to narrow it down to just one organization to help.  So I have decided that I will be working with several different organizations!  I have formed my own little organization called Rocco’s Friends or The Average Jim & Rocco’s Friends is what you will see on your credit card bill.

This is a PayPal account set up to help with vet bills for abused and neglected animals, homeless pets and really as many animal rescue programs as possible.  Rocco is our dog who was a rescued dog.  He was found by a volunteer as a puppy who was listed on Craigslist as “Free Pitbull Puppy” and when he and his sister were rescued by C.A.R.L (Canine Adoption Rescue League) we just happened to be looking for another dog since ours had recently passed away.  Well when it came to Rocco, I think he picked out my wife more than she and I picked him!  So in his name I am creating this little organization.

I will also be using this account to route all of my personal income and I will be donating a portion of my own income to this cause.

Another option I will be having is that I will be selling fine art prints with at least 50% of the proceeds going to this cause, the other percentage is for the incidental and unforeseen costs that may occur.  All of this is in conjunction with the gallery show I am putting together to raise awareness as well as money for these little furry creatures.

This is my first time ever trying to do something like this, so yes, I’m sure there will be a few “bugs” I will need to work out, but this is all with good intention and it is something I personally feel strongly about and something that I just feel I really need to do sooner rather than later.

Donate to Rocco’s Friends here.

I will be uploading a gallery of fine art prints that will be available very soon, for now here is another one of Jessica. 🙂