Nude is Not Evil.

Okay, so yesterday I talked about a fine art nude project and all of the proceeds going towards a charity that treats abused and neglected animals.  I have had such a great response from so many people so far that I am actually very happy and it looks like this project is actually going to happen!

I did get a little pissed off when I came across a site that had posted some images from Jock Sturges, censored them and called them “child porn”.  I don’t care what your religious belief’s are, but get a clue will you!  The people he photographs are nudists, these families live this way, there is no sexual content to the images.  Honestly, if you are getting turned on by them, it sounds to me like it’s your problem and you should be the one getting the help.

Of course the person who was running this site was a former bar owner turned minister, yep he closed down his bar once he was “saved”.  Seriously?

People have been painting nude child like angels in churches for centuries, I’m surprised they’re not trying to censor that too.

I would just like to go on the record and say that nudity is not evil.  Drinking an alcoholic beverage is not evil.  Sex is not evil.  Having fun and enjoying time with people you like to be around is not evil.  Having fun period is not evil.  So if you fall into any of the categories I have listed, don’t worry, you’re not going to hell, just trust me on this one. 😉

So I guess by this church’s policy I’m doomed to spend eternity surrounded by fire and brimstone because I photograph nude people, so oh well, here’s a couple of my favorites 🙂