Dazed… But Not Confused ;)

When it comes to soft light and that hazy feeling I get a little excited.  Whether it is in a movie or at a photo shoot or if I’m just driving up the coast, if I see that type of light I just relax and everything just seems right with the world.  I really don’t know why I get this way, sure it’s been my favorite type of lighting for a long time now, but it’s more than just the light.  I know, I’m reverting back to what I have said time and time again, it’s the mood and the vibe it sends out.

What can I say, I am a sucker for soft and pretty pictures.  Today’s post is from last Friday’s shoot with Kara, we started in studio but it seems like we really found our groove when we got outside and over to that vacant lot I love so much.  I may not always remember what I did or said a few days ago… or even a few minutes ago in some cases.  But I can always remember my favorite shots, places to shoot and the mood I love to create.

Happy Monday 😉