Time to Expand?

I’ve been thinking of traveling a lot more this year.  Ever since I moved back to the west coast I find myself not traveling as much as I used to.  When I lived in Florida I would drive out west at least once a year or more.  Permanently being on the west coast has really made me lose all motivation to travel like I used to do.

So the debate is on, should I pull up roots, move across the country and travel more?  Or should I stay put and just live that California beach bum lifestyle?  Of course, maybe there is a way to do both?  Be bi-coastal.  I have family in the mid-west, this would give me a lot of opportunity to focus on more artistic works, and with the internet I am pretty sure I can find willing subjects anywhere in the country!  Then for my commercial work I can always fly back west and enjoy the beach every once in a while.  It’s just something I’m kicking around.

The thought of going back to a small town, doing the work that I do and possibly stirring up some trouble does sound like a lot of fun to me.  If you have ever seen the movie “Sirens” then you will understand my mindset.  There is a certain romance to this type of work, and nothing brings out my eccentric behavior like a small town.   This could be an interesting year with some interesting photographic opportunities.  The Average Jim unleashed…. it has its possibilities. 😉