Completely Subjective

Anyone who knows me is quite aware of my obsession with photography.  I will say I am quite the photo snob, even though I sometimes wish I wasn’t, I know I am.  There is someone I know who works in the photography industry, not as a photographer, just in the industry.  It drives me insane when he starts talking about “what makes a good photograph” or “a good photographer will do blah blah blah” and his points really just sound like something he must have read out of some training manual.

Honestly, this is like me taking photos of brain surgery and then later telling a different surgeon how the procedure should really have gone.

Just because you are around a bunch of people who do something does not make you an expert.  It does allow you to have an opinion, but that is just it.  It’s an opinion, based on your personal taste and observations.

Unless you have actually been in the position of someone else, just offer an opinion, don’t try to claim it as fact especially with something as vague and subjective as photography.  Honestly, you know what makes a great photograph?  If someone likes it, if it sells your product, if it is simply pretty.  A great photograph can be a snapshot of your puppy taken with a disposable camera by your blind grandmother.  If the photograph means something to you, or if it conveys an emotion or whatever, it is completely subjective.

I have another friend who is a photographer who is the most technical photographer I have ever met.  The lighting, composition and all of that stuff is always perfect, but I am so bored with his work.  It makes me feel nothing, it lacks emotion and it just does not have any soul to it.  But, his clients love what he does, so that is all that matters.  He’s happy with his work, more power to him.

I have my way of doing things, you can have yours.  I like what I do and so do my clients.

Here is an example of what I was told I am doing wrong….. 😉