Moments of Bliss

I just watched part of an online workshop for a few minutes by someone who is supposed to be a “leader” in our industry.   From the little bit I saw I watched this person avoid a good question by saying “hum… good question” and then reverting it back to the person who asked it in the first place by saying “I’ve never been asked that, what do you think?”  Basically having them answer their own question.  Seriously?  You just paid someone a boatload of money so you could answer your own question?  If you had a brain I bet you’d feel pretty stupid right about now.

Okay, but back to a happier place…..

I love mood in images, I love it when you look at an image and it takes your imagination somewhere else.  It doesn’t matter where, just even a brief moment away from reality is good enough.  It’s that moment of bliss, a remembrance of youth, or just an appreciation of life and the moment you’re in.

Let’s see if this mood is conveyed in today’s shoot, but for now, here’s more of Roarie. 🙂