So for today’s post I thought I’d do something a little different than usual.  I though I would take a bunch of photos from one series and put them together in a collage.  Here is a little back story on this series.

Two weeks and one day ago I had a last-minute shoot with Monique.  We had never met, she wanted to shoot my client changed their appointment and it just all fell into place.  I’ve posted others from the shoot here on the site already, but these were different.  While she was getting ready for a different look I had an idea for a quick series while nobody was around on the beach.

I have included almost every shot from this spot where we shot, the only ones I did not include were 3 that were out of focus, 1 that was very similar to another and a few more that didn’t fit into the collage and were similar enough to others already included.  The entire span of time from the first frame to the last was 6 minutes and 19 seconds.  In that time I took 37 images.  Much more than what I would take if I were shooting film, but way less than others who shoot digital.  Why did I only take so few photos?  Because each frame counts.  Nevermind some of the crops I did to make it fit the collage, there are several keepers in there.

Slow down, take your time and compose your images, just because your camera can shoot 10 frames per second doesn’t mean you have to do it every time.  Be a photographer, create the image.  And some will say, “well Mr. Average Jim, you’re working with a professional model so of course you don’t have to shoot 10 fps!” Well here is my answer.  Yes, I’m working with a professional model, one that some photographers would wish they could shoot 20 fps just to have more images of her!  It doesn’t matter if I shoot a model or someone who has never been in front of the camera, as a photographer it is my job to create the image.  It is my job to get the shot.  It is my responsibility to make sure that everything comes out right.  I don’t have time for “spray and pray” on the other hand, I do have a little over 6 minutes to make magic happen.  😉