An Average Philosophy ;)

There is an old saying that goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  There is a lot of truth to this phrase, if you are doing something and it’s working out good, why change it?  I think some of us crave change, we get bored from the same thing over and over.  I think the only reason people get bored is because they’re really not enjoying what they are doing to begin with.

Maybe people get bored because they would rather be doing something else?  I remember my philosophy professor in college saying how he hated those license plate frames that read “I would rather be skiing” or something like that.  He always said, if that is what you would rather be doing, than do it and stop wasting your time thinking about it and not doing it.  At first I thought he was just going on a rant, then I started thinking about this, it makes a lot of sense.  There really isn’t anything else that I would rather be doing.  I love being a photographer, I still get to play music on occasion and I go to the beach at least once a week and sometimes I get to include two at once!

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is to not take advantage of the opportunities life gives me.  If it is something I want and it is offered, I take it, if not, I’ll pass.  But don’t ever pass up on something that you want just because you feel you are not able to do it.  Sometimes when something is offered to you, it’s because someone believes you can do it based on what they have seen in you already.

Basically here it is in a nutshell.  If you’re bored, do something that excites you instead, if you’d rather be hiking than take a hike, if you find yourself content and happy, then wash, rinse and repeat over and over again!  There is nothing wrong with finding happiness, you may not always find the highest paycheck with happiness, but you may find that it doesn’t bother you at all.