Be Bold, Have Style.

I feel like I am finally to the point of my photography career where I might actually have a clue to what I’m doing and have a good understanding of what I do versus what others do.  There are certain aspects of being a photographer that just are not about the technical ability one has.

There are several really good photographers out there, but what is it that makes them good?  Is it only there skills in working the camera or is it something more?  I’m not just talking about photographers who photograph people, even landscape photographers have a certain connection with the scenery they capture in camera.

As I get older I start to realize that it’s not just my knowledge of photography that helps me create the images, it is my understanding of people and my own style and vision that has helped me branch out even more.   Once again, my little philosophy of “what other people think of me is none of my business” seems to be working.  It’s not about not listening to others, it is about following your own intuition and vision of what you wish to portray.  Other people can be discouraging even when they mean well.  Listen to your critics and to your peers, but make the final judgement of your work for yourself.  If you are just doing this for others and not for your own personal gain then you can burn out pretty fast.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius  This doesn’t just mean doing anything related to what you love, it means do what you love, do not compromise.

Show your vision of your work, here is one more quote for you “Be bold-and mighty forces will come to your aid.” King, Basil

Here is a shot from yesterday’s shoot with Janna, definitely my style. 😉