Adventure in Malibu

Part of being successful at what you do is not having any hesitation.  If an opportunity arrises then you must take that opportunity immediately, don’t wait and think or over analyze it.  If the moment is right then just jump on it!

We photographers are by nature analytical thinkers.  I just read another photographer’s blog yesterday that had some great imagery but I was bored with the conversation.  I don’t care how many lights you brought to the shoot or what brand of gear you used to accomplish what you shot.  I want the story behind the image or some information that allows me to create my own story.  Here is an example.

Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Do most people know exactly what it is?  No.  Do a lot of people remember the term E=Mc squared?  Yes.

People, for the most part, do not care about all of the work Einstein put into his theory, they just know that he did it, it works and we have since gained greater technological advances because of this.  To most people the rest is just irrelevant filler.  It’s tech talk.

So what does all of this have to do with seizing an opportunity?  Simple, yesterday my client shoot was re-scheduled at the last-minute, within 30 minutes I saw an opportunity to work with an agency model on a quick test shoot.  She was bored, I had nothing else going on so an opportunity had presented itself in front of me and I took it.

I drove to my favorite beach in Malibu, where I met Monique.  We had sent 2 or 3 emails to each other, texted a handful of times and really had no specific plan of what we were actually going to shoot.  But her attitude was that sometimes the best things come when least expected, and I must agree.  Our spontaneity is what created the images from this shoot.  The technical side doesn’t matter here, what matters is the simple fact that we arranged a shoot at the last-minute, didn’t hesitate and below is one of the many results of yesterday’s adventure in Malibu.