Fashion, Art & Nudes

I was trying to hold off on posting more images from my shoot with Roarie but I just can’t help myself!  There really is not too much out there that doesn’t get me going in regards to photography.  I love fashion, fine art, glamour, portraits, weddings, nudes, non-nudes, I love it all!  I think as a photographer you really need to have an open mind and not close yourself off to other forms of art or creative expression.

Dance can be so inspirational to a photographer, and it definitely is to me!  I also love looking at paintings, a good painting will have brush strokes which will show you the movement of the body.  This allows me to be inspired and shows me what to look for when photographing people.

If you have never photographed someone nude then you most definitely should!  I know some people are conservative and think all nudes are porn, well they’re wrong.  If you disagree just go away now because I’m not going to argue it with anyone!

Working with a good nude model forces you to focus on posing, helps you understand lighting better and it really makes you look at your own work differently.  And if you have that conservative background that makes you think that nudity equals sexuality then this will just help you understand that nudity is not about sex, it’s about life and understanding that the human body is beautiful and it really is a work of art.

All I say is that you need to keep an open mind and continuously expand your horizons.  To learn is to live, to live is to enjoy, and I don’t know about you, but I’m all about enjoying my life! 😉