Okay, I will try not to turn this into a rant, but I make no guarantees! What is the deal with photographers who are teaching everyone that their way is the ONLY way to do anything?

They tell you to only ever shoot RAW, you should only use prime lenses and only the best lenses, use a beauty dish instead of a softbox.  Well guess what, here is what I say and what I teach.  Learn about it all and use whatever works best for you!  There is no one and only way to be a photographer.  And learning how to copy someone else’s work to the exact detail and just reproduce that same look over and over and over is no way to expand your horizons as a photographer.

Yes, I get obsessed with shooting in my favorite field, in my car and at the beach.  BUT I also try to expand everything it is that I do.  I’ve said this before, but do not limit yourself!  This past week I shot the same models with two different cameras, three different lenses and five different lighting set ups from simple to slightly complex.  I do not do just one thing, if I did I would probably have a day job somewhere and only shoot my one thing as a hobby!

If you go into a workshop and they tell you there is only one way to do something, just simply stand up and walk out, feel free to shout bullshit on your way out too.  Seriously, people teaching workshops these days don’t know squat.  Okay, some do, but the way workshops are set up these days is just stupid.  One guy actually asked the attendees if they would like to shoot or just watch him shoot?  WHAT!??!?!??!! No, they are there to learn something, not just put their cameras on auto and shoot the models you brought in for them to take pictures of.  Teach them, show them, and then let them shoot.

I would teach workshops again if I thought people could actually handle my attitude.  I can be a little harsh, well usually only if you have no idea what the difference between an f/stop and shutter speed are and what their functions are.  If you don’t know this, take a photo 1 course first, then come to me.  If you can’t handle being told your composition is off or that your lighting is way off then don’t come to me.  I do let you know what you’re doing right as well, but to get better you need to understand what it is you are doing wrong.  I do lots of things wrong, sometimes on purpose!  But at least I know why and how I’m wrong…. or does that make me right? 😉