Digitally Organic

I am still in the process of digging through the files for my art show coming up on February 2nd.  I really should speed up the process but there are so many photos that I have not published or shown to anyone and I am wanting to show at least some new work at this show.  I really need to finish selecting the photos this week!

It just reminds me of how much I love what I do.  Although I am excited to be showing my work again I still think I enjoy the creative process and the shooting process more than anything.  There is something about ideas that just keep me going.  I have notebooks all over the place just filled with ideas.  It’s kind of funny, when I travel I always bring a notebook with me and if I forget to bring it the first thing I will do is find a store and buy one.  This is probably why I have so many of them just lying around.  But trust me, they don’t go to waste, I fill up the pages!

When I write things down on paper it is just easier for me to remember the ideas in a clearer way.  I’ve tried using my phone as a notebook or using files on the computer but it’s just not the same.  When I write on paper it is like the idea just flows from my fingertips onto the page.  And it is so much easier to thumb through a notebook rather than sift through word files on a computer.

Although I love the digital era we live in but I think I prefer a hybrid society.  Digital media allows us to connect all over the world while I am still able to process my ideas organically.  It’s always good to move forward, just don’t forget the past.

Happy Humpday! 😉