Beach Time Already?

Yes, it’s getting to the time of year when I start wanting to shoot more and more at the beach again!  Sure I have my favorite field, my favorite way of lighting in studio and of course I have my favorite beach.

It is rare to find any beach these days that is not filled with tourists, beach goers, screaming kids or a combination of all of the above.  But I do have a secret spot, well it’s not too secret, where I like to go.  There is about a quarter-mile stretch of beach that curves along the coastline, it is just such a gorgeous beach.  But the surfing isn’t too good, there is no playground area, there are lots of rocks where kids can get hurt and during the summer the homeless will camp there at night.  So it’s not everyone’s favorite place to go when there are so many other beaches that are much closer to town.

Part of finding great places to shoot is to go where other people do not go.  There are a couple of great benefits to this.  First, you are usually not interrupted by anyone!  Having an outdoor location all to yourself is such an amazing thing!  Second, when you have a location that took a lot of work to find you basically have it too yourself.  Not just in the sense of nobody there to bother you, but no other photographers will be shooting where you shoot!  This just adds to the signature look of your work.

Get off the beaten path, don’t just get out of the car and stand on the side of the road.  Get dirty, take a walk, follow the road less traveled.  If you do this you just might find a place you never thought could even exist!