Who Can You Count On?

I was going through all of my old hard drives, trying to back up everything and I came across this image of Mac.  She is someone I have been photographing for years, she’s part of the family now.  Of course I never would have met her if it wasn’t for her shooting with my wife first!

It’s really nice having someone you can call on at the last-minute notice, or someone who you know is going to be up for anything.  I think every photographer needs to work with someone like this.  We work together on professional gigs, like next week, and we also just goof off and get creative.

Building a relationship with a good model is something I think every photographer should do.  You need someone who is going to be willing to get stupid with you and hopefully end up with a happy accident.  This image is one that just kind of happened.  Simply because she and I ended up in the same place.  No more, no less.  You’ll be seeing more of her too, we’re working together again next week. 🙂