Where Are You?

You know what I love about Southern California?  Well, almost everything, but the weather is so consistent!  It’s January, it’s about 75 degrees outside and it’s sunny!  Perfect weather for shooting!

I know I know, I’m easily entertained, but when you get great sunsets, blue sky weather, a great beach and tons of natural areas to shoot in, how could you not love it?  I’m pretty sure that no matter where I went I could still photograph in my style, but this does bring up a point…. does where you live define your style, or do you live where you do based on your personal style?

Think about it, New Yorker’s have a certain personality, Californian’s are different whether you are Southern, Central Coast or Northern, Seattle has its own style and Chicago definitely has its own unique qualities as well.  I’m just sticking to the US because that is what I know best, I’m certain that other countries are probably the same with different dynamics from one end to the other.

So it is a curiosity for me, did I move to California all those years ago because of the way I think, or did I develop my style because I’ve lived here so long?  I think I know the answer, but it’s just something to ponder on this Hump Day. 😉