A Little Nudge ;)

One of the reasons I love going to Las Vegas is the amazing locations they have to shoot!  If you go just a few miles outside of the Vegas Strip you can shoot at Red Rock, dry lake beds and a whole bunch of other cool places.  I have also done some pretty cool hotel room shoots.

Whenever I travel I almost always feel the need to set up a shoot, usually something creative.  I love shooting for my clients but I also just love to shoot for my portfolio as well.  I am all about the creative process, maybe too much at times, but if you do not challenge yourself you can get stuck in a rut.  And I hate being stuck!

So to push yourself what do you need?  Honestly, nothing.  It’s already there, you don’t even need an idea.  Shoot in your own backyard, at a park, drive to Vegas, it just doesn’t matter.  The first step is just setting up a shoot for yourself.  Call it a fashion shoot, a glamour shoot or a portrait shoot.  Do not even think of an idea or concept until you know what your subject looks like.  Once you see what they look like, then decide.  With the internet you can usually see what they look like before you set up the shoot so this does make it a little easier for you to come up with an idea.

Most of the time, when I’m shooting, I end up basing the looks we shoot off of my subjects personality and charisma.  This is how I try to connect with them.  Almost anyone can look “pretty” in front of the camera, but if I can make a connection, even when they are not looking at the camera, that is when I’m on my “A”game.  At least to me that is what I try to achieve.

Basically, I don’t need a concept, I don’t need fancy wardrobe and I don’t need a 6-10 light set up.  Most of the time I just need my camera, my favorite lens, a location and my subject.  The rest I’ll figure out only when or if I need to.