The Average Wedding

I talk about my portraits, model shoots and creative projects on here on the time, I have realized that I just don’t show enough of my wedding work.  I love shooting weddings, it’s such a happy fun day.  I love the challenge and the pressure that wedding photography can bring.  You usually only have one chance at it, you have to get the shot at the right moment.  It’s all about anticipation and paying attention to your surroundings.

You have to work with what is available and although you can bring external lighting and set up certain types of shots, this is not what I like to do with wedding photography.  I like to take what is given to me and create from within the boundaries I have been given.  Granted, I will push those boundaries as much as possible, but I do so with just what I carry in my bag.  Usually a main camera body, a back up that is only there for back up, 3 lenses and one to two flash units, usually the 2nd one is a back up as well.

I like to travel with just the minimum amount of gear on me.  I don’t like to be intrusive, to me it’s all about the moments and the way they happen.  I might put my couples in the right spot, but from there I usually let the magic happen between them.  I’m an observer of life, well maybe more of a voyeur of life’s little moments.  I like sneaking a peek into their intimate moments and capturing these little pieces of time for my couples to have forever.  What can I say, I’m kind of a romantic at heart. 😉