Refresher Course

Part of the learning process of being a photographer is being able to adapt to several different types of situations.  The fact that I have shot weddings, portraits, boudoir, fashion, glamour, commercial etc…. really helps me adapt while in the field.  When you are forced to learn different lighting techniques these are experiences that should stay with you.  If you run into a problem somewhere down the line you should be able to pull lighting tricks out of your bag to solve most problems.

This is why I am so glad I started posting photos here every day.  I said I was going to dig through my old files and post images that I have never posted before.  Not only do I get to look at my old work and critique it myself, but I get to remember what I did for each session.  It’s like a refresher course for me.

I get to remember how I lit something or how I made someone more comfortable or just how it all happened.  It’s one more reason I love photography, not only do I love creating images for myself and others, but it’s the memories behind the image.  I may be creating memories for others, but I am also creating them for myself.