Some People…

Okay, I’m really trying hard not to go on a full rant but it’s probably going to happen anyway.  The other day on facebook there was a “photographer” who was complaining about people not wanting to pay his rate.  He had a very harsh “about me” section because he was so sick of soooooo many people wanting to shoot with him for free or for little pay.  His rate was a whopping $500.00 for a full day, honestly not that high.  He asked for a critique on his new pricing policies.  I gave him some solid, real advice, I don’t care if he takes it or not, it’s his business.  Well, he took it and it looked pretty good and he thanked me for it.  Now comes the rant.

Now because I said he should also be willing to negotiate a lower rate if it is something he wants to do he now claims that he is getting 10,000 emails of people asking him to shoot for free.  Okay here is what really bothers me.  He’s full of shit.  Another wannabe photographer who actually has some okay work who is claiming to be something they are not.  If you are getting no response, or very little at only $500.00 but getting more than you can handle for “free” there is something majorly wrong with your story here.  If that many people are interested in you, even for free, that means you have something to offer that people want, which then puts a value on it.  But sadly, I think this is yet another case of someone on the internet trying to use social media to create a buzz about a product that apparently is not worth very much.

Here are the cold hard facts my friend.  You don’t have the experience to charge a lot of money, I’ve seen your work, you really should take up some people on those free offers and beef up your portfolio.  Those 3 models are getting lonely, they could use some company.  If you’re going to try to fake it to make it then you really need to talk less and shoot more.  Or at least shoot as much as you’re talking.  If I had 10,000 emails in my inbox I would not have time to over-saturate the web with my nonsensical babble.  I had a shoot for a clothing boutique yesterday, I couldn’t post here until the late afternoon, why?  Because my actual paying client was my priority!

I do wish everyone success who is attempting to become part of this wonderful world of photography but come on, get real.  Maybe I just need to accept the fact that everyone’s 15 minutes of fame is now on the internet or a reality show instead of actual fame.  Or I can just keep on doing what I’m doing because no matter how much response he says he’s getting I’m the one who is too busy to reply because I’m actually working! 😉

Speaking of work, here is a quick shot from yesterday’s session.  Courtney is awesome to work with, can’t wait to work with her again!