Cool Cat

A few months ago I said that I was going to post at least one image per day from my new shoots as well as my archives.  I love going through the old images, no matter how often I go through them I always find something I have forgotten about!  Today’s image is a prime example.  My cat, Louie, always seems to find a way to steal the spotlight.  Not to mention that almost everyone who comes into my studio wants to have their photo taken with him!  So I just started photographing him with different people, I honestly have no idea how many shots of him I have but I am starting to think that I might have enough of him to start his own blog!

I guess this shot represents my work more than most.  I don’t take too many things seriously and I roll with the punches.  Sometimes and outtake can be your favorite shot in the end.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and keep shooting!